Institutional Policy Studies


I will be teaching in the program April to June 2018 on behalf of the Department of Defence Studies.

(From the RMC Graduate Studies Calendar)

“The Department offers courses in defence studies that are either specifically designed for the degree Master of Defence Studies (MDS) or fall within the framework of the MA in War Studies MA(WS) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) degrees, depending on which professional military education programme an individual is undertaking at the Canadian Forces College.

“The degree Master of Defence Studies (MDS) is offered to students of the Joint Command and Staff Programme (JCSP) concurrently with the JCSP. It is a professional one-year Master's Degree awarded by the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and approved by the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies.

“The degree Master of Defence Studies investigates the relationships between the Profession of Arms and National Security policies. It includes military command, leadership and the conduct of major military operations and strategy including war fighting, peace support operations, and domestic operations for national security. The management of defence resources is also encompassed within defence studies. The degree covers both applied and theoretical topics. Since defence studies are inherently interdisciplinary, it draws upon defence management, economics, history, human resources management, international relations, peace studies, sociology, anthropology, strategic and security studies, warfare studies, and other academic disciplines. The degree is generally limited to competitively selected members of the profession, according to nationally and internationally recognized standards of professional competence.”

Institutional Policy studies is one of three concentrated streams offered in the final rotation, or semester, of the Joint Command and Staff Programme:

Advanced Joint Warfighting

  1. DS548 Advanced Joint Warfighting

  2. DS549 Advanced Topics in Campaign Design

International Security Studies

  1. DS567 Global Power and Institutions

  2. DS568 Advanced Topics in International Security Studies

Institutional Policy Studies

  1. DS554 Advanced Topics in Institutional Policy Development

  2. DS557 Institutional Policy Analysis

Schedule IPS Materials for 2018

  1. 4 April 554 Wicked problems

  2. 5 April 554 Social Trends and Agents of Change

  3. 6 April 554 Military as a social institution

  4. 9 April 557 the Trinity

  5. 10 April 557 Ottawa 101

  6. 11 April NDHQ 101

  7. 17 April 557 HR management

  8. 18 April 557 Strategic management

  9. 19 April 557 Public administration

  10. 20 April 554 Social policy case study, intro and context

  11. 23 April 554 Social policy case study, core issues and tensions

  12. 26 April 554 Social policy case study, assessment of options

  13. 27 April 554 Social policy case study, wrap up

  14. 30 April-4 May HHT

  15. 7 May 557 Capability Development

  16. 9 May 557 Resource management and acquisition

  17. 10 May 554 Capability case study – intro, background and context

  18. 15 May 557 Foresight analysis

  19. 18 May 554 Capability case study – core issues and tensions

  20. 22 May 554 Capability case study – assessment of options

  21. 24 May 554 Capability case study – wrap up

  22. 25 May 554 Advanced capability and procurement

  23. 28 May 557 Integrative seminar

David Last, lastdav(at)  updated April 2018

The Institutional Policy Study Stream of the

Joint Command and Staff Programme,

Canadian Forces College, Toronto, Spring 2018

Syndicate 3, JCSP 43, Institutional Policy Studies

Canadian Forces College, Toronto, May 2017